We know we were created to make a difference, to leave a mark on planet earth, to make everyday count. Deep down there is a cry to live a life of passion, purpose and to our greatest potential. Renown doesn’t fulfil that cry, nor power or prestige. The reality is we find our lives, when we lose ourselves and begin to live for others. 

When we join together across socio-economic divides we find that we are one family, loving our neighbour takes on tangible flesh and blood and we realise that we are all able to make a difference and change someone’s world.

Looking at the vast needs around us it is easy to become overwhelmed and to wonder what we have to offer. Volunteering is a way to use our diverse strengths, talents and giftings to pick a fight and to confront poverty. 

Over the years volunteers have joined with us as integral parts of overseas teams, carrying out training, helping with mail outs, campaigning and running appeals at events to fundraising in all kinds of diverse ways. They are the life blood of Links and make all the work out on the ground possible.

Would you consider becoming an ambassador for the work of Links and joining this great team of volunteers?