In Links we have a vision of a world that does not yet exist. It is a world where people live free from the stranglehold of sin and poverty, free to walk in their God given calling and reach their greatest potential. We believe that this world is what Jesus had in mind when he talked about 'God's Kingdom' coming on earth as it is in heaven.

Confronting Poverty

Poverty, according to the ancient Rabbis, is any area where there is a breakdown of Shalom or wholeness. Our world was broken and that act of turning our backs on God the source of all love and hope affected every speck of the cosmos. Our relationship to our Creator and to a higher purpose broke in that moment. Consequently our relationship with ourselves turned from freedom, to guilt and shame; our relationship with one another became one of accusation and blame and finally even our relationship with the earth itself became hostile. Mankind began to realise that all of our work and efforts to produce became toilsome and full of hardships. Brokenness reigned spiritually, psychologically, sociologically and economically. This is the bleak condition of so much of what we see on planet earth and that is why when Jesus burst on the scene proclaiming a different tomorrow, the very best term that could be found to name his message was 'Good News!', Gospel.

Creating Potential

The future is now! This is the good news that forms why we do everything we do. There is a new world being formed in the shell of the old! We believe that no matter what nation, colour, creed or economic background we are made in the image of God and when we step back into right relationship with Him, all the rest of our brokenness begins to come back together. As a result healing and health can come to individuals and communities, economies can be restored, the earth can produce as it should. Lives can be changed and communities transformed!

This is the adventure and the call to be a part of the transforming movement of Jesus Christ, heaven on earth, the end of poverty - will you join with us in Links International to confront poverty and create potential, so that what began in a garden can envelop the world?