With so many charities and movements around the world it is hard for any one organisation not to lose it’s voice into the static of so many options. We live in a world where it has never been more easy to be heard and ironically also never been so difficult to be heard. 

In Links our whole ethos and modus operandi is to turn mission and international development rightsize up by, rather than asking others to simply invest and be a part of what we are doing, our desire is to serve others to engage in a strategic and meaningful way. 

Our culture in Links is built on the values of:

  • Empowerment
  • Relationships
  • Charismatic
  • Holistic
  • Kingdom Oriented


We believe in ‘hand ups’ not ‘hand outs’. The days of both ‘giving’ the proverbial fish and ‘teaching’ to fish are over. We must also work together to provide the means to fish and to remove the obstacles that stand in the way. Time and time again we have seen that as we help people onto the first rung of the ladder, they are more than able to pull themselves out of poverty and into their potential.


As followers of Jesus we believe that our lives are to be lived and empowered by a radical, living experience of God the Holy Spirit, both on a personal and corporate level. We believe in a God who is not distant, but who interacts with his creation, bringing healing, freedom, revelation, sharing spiritual gifts and performing miraculous signs. Our faith is rooted in a deep respect of the scriptures and a church history full of men and women who re-presented God to their generations in a powerful and tangible way. Whilst we will work with people of all faiths and no faiths, as far as we are concerned, all the work of Links International is fully dependant on God the Holy Spirit.  


God is community, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and, we believe, it is only in community that we fully express who He is. We honour and celebrate diversity within the context of our relationships, the cultures we interact with and communities we serve. Together we express the image of God. We recognise that we cannot serve everyone and therefore we are very intentional about asking God to reveal the partnerships he wants us to pursue. 


The fall of mankind effected every last speck of the cosmos (Gen 3) When we turned our back on God, the four main areas of human relationship were broken. These included our relationship with God, relationship with ourselves, relationship with one another and even our relationship with the earth itself. Jesus came to reconcile all that was lost in this moment (Col 1:20). Therefore we cannot offer half solutions. The full gospel, brings full restoration to body, soul, spirit and society. For this reason we endeavour to impact communities on every level to bring genuine transformation.

Kingdom Orientation

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, one of the most powerful statements he made was that God’s Kingdom and will are to be done on earth as in heaven (Matt 6:10). We believe therefore, that we have a mandate to see heaven breakout on the earth. Because God is the creator of all things, we celebrate creativity, we believe that the whole of life and creation is sacred. We therefore celebrate the diversity of culture and lifestyles that we encounter around the world, believing that there is no sacred/secular divide. Whatever the sphere of influence, we want to see the rule and reign of Jesus Christ established.