2021 has been a strong year for being able to provide clean water for vulnerable people. Generous donations, along with securing local distributors, has multiplied the impact of the GOOD NEWS of clean water.

So far, just out of the USA office, we have been able to distribute over 500 water filters to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Malawi and Colombia this year. Additionally, we have been able to provide borehole wells in South Asia, AND...we’re not finished yet!

Clean water not only provides a solution for preventable illness and disease (literally saving lives), but it also opens doors to communities that in many cases have not heard the Gospel and are in need of the other poverty-confronting initiatives we provide.

Read these reports from Links’ partners on two different continents...


'Madzi ndi moyo' is a phrase used in Malawi and Zambia to express that water is important for all life and health. Through the generosity of our supporters we have been able to consistently provide cost-effective water filters for vulnerable communities across the globe. In Malawi and Zambia we source locally-available ceramic filters and buckets for household and school usage. These filters are able to last up to two years when maintained and remove 99.99% of waterborne diseases. The great thing is they also effectively change the colour of any dirty water and provide a better taste. Usually, poorer communities will drink water from exposed shallow wells or often from polluted lakes and ponds.

This month Sam Walker, our Africa Region Coordinator, visited a community receiving 50 of these filters through our partner Hope Missions. To encourage sustainability and good maintenance of these filters, Hope Missions establishes committees within the community to oversee the distribution and use of the filters. A small and affordable committee fee creates better ownership of the filters and builds a fund aimed at replacing the filters after two years and purchasing more for other needy families.


I am excited to update you that the water boring project is going great. This project is being done in very remote and isolated villages. Our team there has finished two boring holes already, and a third will be done in a few days. Your generous support is already making a difference in hundreds of lives in three different villages.

These villagers used to walk far to fetch water, but it was contaminated. Because of the contaminated water, their health issues created other big challenges for these poor communities. Waterborne diseases were a regular hardship for them, but now they have clean water, which not only reduces their walking time, it reduces the risk of disease and their socioeconomic status will be better too. This project has made a significant difference in different ways.

We have written a verse in the local dialect next to these bore sites.

"But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” - John 14:4

We believe this water boring project is making new connections to the local people allowing us to make Living Water known. Thank you so much for your support to bring light to the darkest lives in our nation.

Pastor H.M.


The generosity of our Links Family is what makes this possible. You are bringing GOOD NEWS to the end of the earth with your support. Let us know if you would like to be a part of delivering clean water to any of these places.

Jason Bollinger

CEO, Links USA Office