Joe has recently been on a trip to Uganda where he visited Wellspring, led by Herbert and Eve Wanjala. Wellspring is one of our oldest and dearest partners. Started by Mike and Beryl Godward, Links has been involved with the trajectory growth of the organisation, and the footprint of Links is all over the amazing work they are currently doing. In many ways they have graciously helped us and been there alongside us as we tested a number of initiatives which are now integral to who we are as an organisation. Their vision is to ‘grow a people, develop a community and transform a nation'. They outwork this through a vibrant church community, a school catering for up to 200 students, a clinic serving the local community and, over the years, more than 4000 micro-businesses. Wellspring also have a relational, apostolic oversight around Uganda and further afield.

Joe was able to visit the build of the new Health Centre. After years of running a successful clinic, Wellspring had a vision to open a health centre which would provide many more services than they were currently able to. This has been a long process, but they are now very close to making it operational which is very exciting. The first floor will soon be up and running with a maternity ward, delivery room, number of surgeries, reception and pharmacy. The shell for the second floor and structural development plans for the third floor are also in place. They have a lot of the equipment that they need and several church partnerships, that operate through Links, have Wellspring as one of their primary partners and have been asked to help with donations towards this - a number are interested in essentially sponsoring a ward. It was great for Joe to be able to visit this project.

Three of the afternoons and evenings were spent giving mini-seminars to the young people of Wellspring. Joe focussed on a holistic theology of work and mission but also incorporating teaching around the seven mountains (Media/communications, Arts, Government, Business, Family, Education and Religion). It was really well received and empowering for them.

During his time in Uganda, Joe visited the Wellspring Church. The church continues to grow and there are lots of children and teenagers that attend. The Sunday morning meeting was amazing and God moved powerfully, touching people, bringing healing, renewing their passion for Him, and there was some dramatic deliverance. Following the meeting, Joe had the privilege of baptising 36 people in a swimming pool alongside the Wellspring leadership team.

It was such a brilliant time and God moved so powerfully during this trip. It was inspiring for Joe to see all they are doing within their community and great for him to be able to report this back. Thank you for joining with us to support amazing partners like Wellspring, who we are working with all around the world.