It has been said that whilst salvation is free, it is the gift of God and nothing we could ever do could earn it; yet the reality is also true, that to genuinely be a disciple of Jesus, it will cost us everything. I think this is what Paul was getting at when he says, in Romans 12, that we are to present ourselves as ‘living sacrifices’, daily making the decision to follow. This being the case, it is essential that we understand what it means to be a disciple, following the Rabbi Jesus.

This was the theme of the October Encounter Seminar run by our great friends Sanga and Nimri Miller, Albert Meska and their team in New Life Ministries and City Church, Shillong. Although, due to travel restrictions I wasn’t able to physically be with these partners, I had the wonderful privilege of joining a number of other international speakers digitally, connecting with many communities in North East India and sharing on this exciting subject. To understand the radical nature of the call of Jesus to ‘follow’, we have to understand what it meant in His world and culture so, together, we unpacked the themes of thinking in a more Hebraic way, what it meant to be a Rabbi and then, specifically, what it really meant to be a disciple. Finally we looked at how we move into discipling and leading others and ultimately how we are called to disciple the nations of the earth.

It was such an inspiring time together and proof again that you cannot lock down or quarantine God’s Word. There is no distance in the Spirit and it was wonderful to hear testimonies of how God used the entire Encounter Seminar to impact lives and ignite fresh faith and vision to move forward in all God has planned for this amazing region of the world.