If you ask any of the Links team what their favourite day of the year is, they will all have the same answer. Is it Christmas? Is it their birthday? No it is our Links Team and Trustee Day!

We absolutely love having the opportunity to all get together and spend time hearing updates, chatting, learning, growing, praying and eating together. This year we had a hybrid meeting with some of us joining online, and some of us in person. Despite a bit of 'Can you see me?' 'You're on mute!' 'I need to plug in, my battery is on 10%!', 'You've frozen!', it all went really well! 

The day started with a trustees meeting which was a really productive time of discussion and prayer. This was followed by the rest of the team joining.

After coffee and biscuits to kick off the meeting, we enjoyed hearing from our Founder, Norman, as he told us the amazing story of how Links began. It was emotional, inspiring and such a privilege to see the heart Norman and Grace had for Links all those years ago and how, through them and their vision, God has opened up the opportunities for us as an organisation to go further than we ever dreamt we would. We pray this will continue for many more years to come, with God at the centre.

After this, Ann lead us in a time of reflection and prayer for our partners around the world, and then we then heard updates from Sam in Malawi, Jason in the USA and Joe here in the UK. 

The whole day filled us with grateful hearts for all that has been and excitement for all that is yet to come.