We have received so many encouraging stories of hope from a year like no other. So thankful that, in a year of uncertainty for us all, God was still at work and doing amazing things. Isn't it so comforting to know that God finds a way even when we can't see it? He uses brokenness to bring beauty. In a difficult year, there was still so much joy to be found. 

Here are a few stories we have been sent from around the world:

Faith In Action Ministries - Rajahmundry, India

  • We have been running an orphanage with 21 children, and supporting 16 elderly widows and 34 leprosy victims.
  • In the FIAM family we have 102 co-workers working for the organisation. 
  • Through the mission we are running health camps in tribal and interior rural villages where there are no medical centres for health checkups and treatments.
  • We are providing water bore wells for tribal and interior rural villages, to give clean drinking water, protecting them from viral, infectious diseases and fevers.
  • We are running a vocational training centre to teach sewing, embroidery, lace-work, making of clothes, door mats, candles, soaps etc. Every 6 months we are preparing one batch of students, with nearly 25 to 30 young ladies.
  • For some believers from our churches, their main work is agriculture. So the mission sometimes gives support to help their work.
  • Since April 2020 we have been providing food, water, blankets and emergency medicines to people who were affected badly in COVID and lockdown. Still today we are providing food and needs to those people who have lost their work and have no income.

Janaki Menni 

VIBITAC - Malawi

Women have been underrated for some time, thinking that they cannot do anything tangible. The story of Mercy Thokozani is exactly the opposite of what many people think, especially men who regard themselves superior. Mercy has been so instrumental to her MED group since she joined. Mercy sells tomatoes at Tsangano Turn-Off. 

She has inspired many women to join MED after seeing her achievements. She has managed to build two houses with burnt bricks. Why an emphasis on burnt bricks? It is not easy to have a house built with burnt bricks in Ntcheu where Kalulu MED is located. This is because there has been rampant deforestation that resulted in bare grounds in most of the areas. 

If one is to build a house using burnt bricks, they have to hire a lorry to ferry firewood from Mozambique, and that becomes very expensive. Mercy has been a model when it comes to loan repayment; she is very honest and encourages her fellow group members to repay their loans. She is so optimistic that more and more good things are to come out of her hardworking and honesty. 

Tabala Suetto - Colombia

In November 2020, a hurricane devastated the island affecting all the infrastructure. Many houses were damaged, but the real devastation was in Providencia, where 98% of this small island and its 5,000 people were affected.

Our focus was to bring some hope for the people. We tried to go to the island, but it was really complicated because the government was not allowing people to go there. We were working hard with the local people in San Andres, buying and organising supplies to help everyone. We were trying to find building materials for construction to help them in the best way, but it was impossible because the materials for construction are really expensive, the prices were too elevated and this was very frustrating. We sent food, especially chicken, beef and pork meat (it is really expensive on the island and not easy for people to buy), milk and other nutritional supplies and cleaning products because of the mud and the unhealthy environment after IOTA.

The supplies were given to 20 families in Providencia Island.

In San Andres the support was given to 3 families that our friend Pastor Alix Walters recommended. They were given materials to build their roof, and the other family were given wood for their house foundation. They were so grateful and thanked God for all the people that made this possible for them.

Yeison Valencia


Let's continue to pray for our amazing partners around the world, that they will continue doing incredible things. Thank you for your continued generosity that has allowed these projects to develop and grow in a year like no other.