As we all looked in horror and disbelief at the realities of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, we immediately began to turn our attention to provide GOOD NEWS.

While it’s never possible to help everyone, there’s always someone we can help. 

We immediately engaged with a local organization in Houston whose mission is to welcome, resource, support and care for refugees. Their first estimate was in the hundreds, but we have since learned that the number will be well into the thousands of Afghan refugees coming to start a new life in Texas. We helped provide emergency hygiene kits and kitchen supplies to serve these families. Additionally, we were able to support a local church plant focused on the Afghan community in Houston. The strength of LInks is always the strength of our relationships that allow us to invest in work that is committed to the long look of mission. These organizations have given us an immediate impact in supporting refugees and allowing them to experience the love of Jesus. 

Very soon after, we heard from our partners in South Asia who quite literally were found by a few families who crossed the border with nothing. An 8-month pregnant woman walked for four days for the hope of a better life. In recent months, we were able to help provide housing, survival supplies and even the medical care needed for the woman who has now delivered a healthy baby (after a few days in Intensive Care). A few families turned into a dozen families, and a dozen is quickly becoming dozens. 

As we move forward through the winter months, we are providing Winter Kits to keep these families healthy with blankets, coats, gloves, hats, socks and more food. The needs are significant, but so is the heart of our Links Family.

Winter Kits are only $30 per refugee and are an incredible opportunity to show the love of God to people in a dire situation. 

Finding a place to start always turns into a multiplication of opportunities to spread GOOD NEWS. It is truly a privilege to be able to love, welcome and advocate for Afghan Refugees, to see the horrors they’ve experienced give way to honour. 

Jason Bollinger

CEO, Links USA