It's a strange time we find ourselves in, isn't it? Even with the lockdown rules gradually lifting, everything still looks a little bit different at the moment which is why it is so important, more now than ever, to think about how we can fundraise and find ways we can give at this time. 
We have been blown away and completely humbled by the response to our appeal. Our hearts are full of gratitude to everyone who has donated and come up with ways to raise funds for the current situation. Through your generosity, we have been able to work alongside our partners to implement change around the world and bring hope and life to people in the poorest and most devastating situations.

We've talked a lot about our appeal, and the heart of Links continues to be invested in changing the lives and situations of as many people as we can, fighting for justice and fighting against poverty. Our main focus has been, and continues to be, our appeal and we are currently stepping into a new phase with this. Up until now we have been using all funds raised on emergency relief and, although this is still vital for countries who are still in the throes of the pandemic, we are also going to be focusing on moving into a sustainability phase - for example, helping people to build businesses back up and providing more healthcare training, to give them the knowledge they need moving forward. 

However, we also need to remember the importance of general funds. As well as appeal money and money coming into specific projects, we need to have a firm foundation of money coming into our general fund to allow us to keep strong and do what we do. As you can imagine, we have had to cancel many events due to Covid-19, and there are question marks over future events too. This means that, for Links, we are missing out on the amazing fundraising opportunities that we are usually blessed with, and we don't have the money coming into our general fund that we usually would.  Please do consider giving what you can or raising funds to allow us to reach out, dream big and implement change. Thank you so much to our World Changers who give regularly to our work; we wouldn't be able to do it without you.

It is amazing to see how people are adapting around our current situation. Fundraising is still something we can do, we just have to think of ways of doing it a bit differently - let's get creative!

Here are a few fundraising ideas:

Zoom Party: Zoom has been a great way of connecting people during this time and enabling people to socialise. A Zoom Party could be a great way to all get together. You could host a quiz or a workshop, and everyone could give a donation to take part.

Give It Up: We all have bad habits! Why not kick the habit whilst fundraising for Links? If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save? Alternatively you could take part in a 24-hour fast. Whether this is fasting food and identifying with the hungry around the world or fasting something that is personally sacrificial - this can be a great way to raise funds!

Hike: Why not raise money by hiking in some of the beautiful backdrops that the UK has to offer. As many of our partners will often have to walk similar distances on a daily basis to collect water, this can be a great way to fundraise for these projects.

Sponsored Silence: If you’re a chatter box who finds being quiet a challenge then perhaps raise funds with a sponsored silence. Just remember, don't be quiet about the cause and your fundraising before or after the event!

Run: Why not set your own goal with the support of those around you? You don't need a big event attended by thousands of people in order to set yourself a challenge and raise money! You may have seen the 5k challenge that has been trending on social media where people run, donate and nominate - you could do something like this too and get others involved! 

Bake & Deliver: An alternative to a cake sale - take orders for cakes and deliver them to those who are local to you. You could set a price for the cakes or just ask for a donation. After all, who wouldn't want a sweet treat delivered to their door? 

Have your own ideas? We would love to hear them! Thank you to everyone who has given in any way to us. Together we are Confronting Poverty, Creating Potential and Connecting People. 

Love, Links