As we continue to navigate the disruption of COVID locally, let us not forget that communities around the world are still suffering greatly in many places. Your generosity to our COVID Relief Fund continues to help make a real difference for both those suffering and those serving those who are suffering.

We recently heard of a hospital in El Salvador that was running out of PPE due to a spike in COVID cases they were treating. We were able to provide masks, face shields, and level 3 biosafety suits for 50 staff members (who were having to buy equipment out of their own pocket).

We were also able to use funds from our COVID relief to send out even more PPE to our partners in Nicaragua at The Hope Project.

“We would like to send thanks to our friends at the Links International USA Office who provided funds for us to provide PPE to our staff, volunteers, Hope kids and their families.”

I know that the length of the pandemic has been exhausting for everyone around the world, and I know that we are all facing battles of our own. However, we are hearing of serious needs around the world every day that our Links Family and partners are facing.

We would greatly appreciate any donation you can make. All of the donations we receive are being converted into GOOD NEWS on the ground for people who need it the most.

You can donate securely online at:
If you want your money to go straight to the work in El Salvador or Nicaragua, please specify this when you donate. Thank you!