It was a great pleasure for me, to make a return visit to the Peacemakers Christian Community Resource Centre, in Kenya. Peacemakers International is a UK-based charity that, over many years, has raised the funds to build and run this wonderful, House of Prayer and Resource Centre, in Kyvuria.

Peacemakers International is an ‘Act4You’ client of Links, with a long-standing relationship over a number of years. We were approached to see if we could give support with, amongst other things, some management training for the Trustees, as they take increasingly more responsibility for the Centre and its mission.

My first time here was last August, with Sam Walker (African Region Coordinator), to make our introductions and see first-hand something of the ministry that flows out from this place. For this return visit, I brought my husband, Rev. Andy Edmunds, to meet the Trustees and Management Team, to facilitate some initial discussions and to get some greater understanding of their specific training needs, for the future.

We had one day with the Trustees, although not all could make it. They are a committed team of people and it was a privilege to spend time together, looking at scripture, piecing together the Peacemakers story, seeing how it has developed and changed over the years and discerning some priorities for moving forward.

The next day, as well as the Trustees and Peacemakers team, pastors and church leaders, from the locality, had been invited to a day of worship, prayer and reflection on, ‘Working together to serve the community the Lord’s way’.

As it was just coming up to the week that leads towards Easter, the day was based around the accounts of Jesus, as He set His face towards Jerusalem. A number of church leaders joined us, as together we worshipped and prayed and considered the needs of the community, into which God had called them to serve. It ended with a powerful time of prayer for the church leaders and for the Peacemakers Centre and team, each praying for the other, that there would be a unity and partnership in working together to serve the community.

It was all too brief, but such a privilege to gain an even greater understanding of God’s hand on Peacemakers and what it truly means to bear the ‘servant-heart’ of Jesus.

"And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness."  - James 3:18

Ann Edmunds
Community Healthcare Manager