Here are some updates from our amazing partners around the world: 


'Dear friends,

First, I would like to give our wholehearted thanks to each and every one for your valuable and loving support to save these poor people's lives in this most difficult time. We never forget your help. My people are saying so often how upheld and sustained they are feeling, knowing that they are so covered in prayers from their brothers and sisters in the UK. This is the wonderful testimony in their lives for ever.

Alongside all your support, here we are also collecting donations from people including some political leaders and my schoolfriends. With all the support, we are distributing rice, dahl, vegetables and also some money to buy milk if there are children who need it, and buying medicine for blood pressure and diabetes for those families who have someone suffering those diseases. We have been able to helping 3,645 people who live in very, very poor communities, and our main focus is to save their lives. All this support, and especially your prayers, are giving great hope to us in this difficult time.

Life is feeling very difficult now. Coronavirus is spreading very speedily in the villages also, and it feels like the situation is uncontrolled. People are living in small houses and congested places so they can’t maintain social distancing. That is one of the reasons for the virus spreading. On the other side, people are struggling for daily food and slowly becoming weak and losing immunity. People are dying just like birds, and our government is not able to provide medical assistance to COVID positive cases. Danger bells are ringing and fear is everywhere. We can't understand what's going on around us. Faith In Action Ministries is praying and trying to raise more funds to provide nutritious food to improve immunity and we are providing sanitizers, soaps and face masks to help save lives. Amen.

My friends, thank you for reading and we request that you please continue your prayers and support for the coming few months. Due to this coronavirus people have stopped working and earning, so please support us so they are able to restart their work, earning and life. We pray for you and love you so much.

With much prayers and love.
Yours in His service,
Sister Janaki & FIAM.'

Southern India

From COVID relief donations given to Links USA, they were able to send relief funds to our partners in Rameswaram, India. This allowed them to distribute food and essential items to feed over 100 families in the community for at least a month. They were also able to distribute 2,500 masks to a brand new community they are now working with, simply because of food distribution. Here are just some of the testimonies coming out of India from our partner and friend, Pastor Paulose:

'What a great joy to write this to you. We were very, very glad to hear many wonderful testimonies from the people who received the gifts.'

'One older woman (in her 80s) has 7 children but none of them take care of her. We supplied the gifts and she was totally amazed to get the food. She can live for a month with that. The next day was prayer time at the house where we supplied the food. She was the first one to come and get prayed for. What a great blessing!'

'God has opened a village to the Gospel because of giving these food items. God also helped us to get 2,500 masks into the people's hands.'

'Today was another great day of success in supplying the food items to many poor people, older people and widows. Before I distributed, I shared the message of hope and sang a song of worship. People were so blessed. Many received very much. They are all blessed and very thankful to Links International. Almost 15 items were given to each family (enough for 1 month.) People will be very very happy.'

'Thank you so much for your help during this very needy time. Thank you so much for your effort to bless our ministry and our country. Please let all the donors know how much this was a blessing. Thank everyone who blessed our country to provide these wonderful food items for many families.'



'HANDS is a ministry seeking to bring God's love through the Gospel, to poor and disadvantaged communities in the Thai/Burma border area of northern Thailand. Our aim is to share the good news and to make disciples as we provide practical help and assistance to individuals, families and communities.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the HANDS ministry team has been inundated with requests for help as the impact of COVID-19 has been felt. Many people are without work or are only able to find part-time work; even then they are often unpaid. The level of poverty for those already struggling has increased and they don’t have enough to feed themselves or their families. The HANDS team have been working hard to grow fresh vegetables and rear pigs, chickens and fish, so that we can provide basic food supplies to those who need it most. Home-cooked meals are also being made and delivered to the elderly and disabled to ensure that they are eating nutritious meals.

Bringing hope and encouragement along with each delivery of food, and reaching out to build relationships is at the core of the teams’ response during this difficult time.'

Sri Lanka

'Pussallawa is mostly a tea plantation area and many people are labourers who speak Tamil.

The United Christian Fellowship held a programme on 4th July, organized by Mrs. Pushparani, in order to provide food for the children of needy families. We have been providing this food from time to time in the past as well in this area and the children enjoy the food and the parents are really appreciative to the UCF for this service. These families are not receiving a regular income and most of the time their children do not have even one meal a day.'

'Rev. Fernando visited Kandalama on 18th July, a 6 hour journey by road from Moratuwa. He visited the families who are locked down in houses due to the pandemic situation, to distribute relief food items. These families were very much encouraged and prayed together for the Lord to provide the needs for their living.'

'Thereafter, Rev Fernando visited the Bethel Fellowship Center in Dambulla and spent some time with the coworkers there, conducting a brief meeting and discussing matters related to the ministry.'

'He then proceeded to Polonnaruwa to visit the UCF center in Bendiwewa, met a few families and provided them with food items as relief.'


'The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the many ways we conduct our daily activities. Almost every aspect of our lives has been affected: how we interact with others, how we work, and how we move around and travel.
The pandemic may have limited the mobility of the Tiwala staff team to meet with our beneficiaries face-to-face, but it has also tapped into our creativity and determination to continue to build strong foundations in the lives of underprivileged children and families here. Here are some ways we are adapting to the new normal:
Children are still not yet allowed to go out of their homes here. Schools have been closed since March and won’t reopen until next month. To make their stay in their homes productive, we rolled out a reading program for more than 150 Tiwala children. They were very grateful that their kids were given educational tools to ensure that learning continues in their homes. We are also thankful for the monetary donation for new bicycles that Tiwala friends sent us. Public transportation is still not back to normal and so the Tiwala teachers use the bikes to deliver the books to our target communities. 
July is nutrition month and to come alongside families in providing nutritious food for their children, we distributed more than 200 kilograms of vegetables to moms attending our Bible study groups in six communities. The food packs were received with much gratitude especially because their sources of income were affected by the local lockdown. 
The staff of Tiwala jumped on the bandwagon of online food selling and cooked the tried-and-tested specialty recipes. This endeavor has been met with significant support from friends and strangers, and there has been a steady demand for the said items. We hope to use the profit from this food business to finance other livelihood endeavors of the families we are serving.'

On behalf of our partners and the lives and communities that are being impacted, thank you so much for your support! Your generosity continues to transform lives!