Alongside our appeal, you have the option to buy one (or more!) of our Links Gifts. They can be bought as presents for family or friends, and these purchases will bless many around the world. When you buy one, you will have the option to receive a voucher as a visual reminder of your gift. You can make a huge impact... Give a gift that will change a life!

Here are a few of the options on our gift list: 

Micro-enterprise Start Up
One initial investment: £150
Setting up a family in a sustainable business helps them work their way out of poverty. Loans are repaid over six months, so the investment helps two families each and every year!


One kit and training: £25
Beekeeping provides a source of income and nutrition for people in rural situations who desperately need both of these things – and the bees do most of the work!


Approx: £40
Breeding and distributing livestock is a sustainable way for people to make an income. These animals will make a huge difference in the lives of many.

Moringa Trees
Five trees: £10
This amazing tree grows at a rate of five feet per year, is super-nutritious and antibacterial. We’d like all our partners worldwide to have some!


These are just some of the gifts that are available. Please have a look at our SHOP to see the full range of ways in which you can bless others. Thank you for your support!