We are so thankful that, in this time where we can't physically go on trips, we can still connect digitally. Training can still take place, talking at churches can still happen, the presence of God can still be experienced. It is a different way of doing things - but together we can still connect with those around the world. How amazing is that? 

Training in Central America 
The first trip Links USA had to postpone due to COVID-19 was to El Salvador. Thanks to technology, we were able to still carry out the Leadership Training work we were planning to do with our friends at Harvesting, in Spanish. Director, Teri Benner, reported back that the leaders she oversees have been talking continually about the training they received, and they are already looking at the best ways to apply what they have learned. Even better than that is that we have decided to do more frequent trainings with this team to help them navigate the current challenges they are facing. We are truly grateful that God is allowing us to still impact the nations via technology. 

Training in India, Colombia and Peru
We have had the privilege of providing a mixture of training, teaching and preaching in India, Colombia and Peru. We have also been able to interview partners in Lebanon, Uganda and India. This has all been so well received and it has been amazing to be able to connect with these countries, share God's love and spend time with them, providing them with training and building positive relationships. It has been a time of encouragement, for both them and us. It is a real blessing that we still have these opportunities. It reminds us that even when trips are being cancelled and the world looks very different to usual, hope is never lost and God's love is constant. 

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Love, Links x