Equipping, empowering and encouraging mission workers around the world has always been a top priority for Links. We want to do our best to keep frontline workers on the front lines. We have amazing partners, teams, and families all over the world, and we are always looking for ways to provide care and support spiritually, emotionally and financially as we are able.

During COVID, workers around the world have had to pivot significantly. We have worked hard to connect with as many of our Links Family as possible on a regular basis. We have used these opportunities to find ways to provide relief funds, encourage the lonely, process opportunities, connect those who are nearby to each other, pray together and much more.

We even celebrated a wedding in Kosovo during lockdown. Breanna said this about her experience:


'When your wedding is planned for April, but a global pandemic cancels your plans, you adapt. We had to ask God what His plans for us as a couple were, and we had to be patient, ask for wisdom and help and, above all, trust that God still had our best interests at heart. The wedding was better than anything we could have imagined, intimate and simple. We are just so thankful that God allowed for the law here in Kosovo to be what it was at the time, so we could get married. Now, two weeks later, all weddings and gatherings are no longer allowed. God is good!'

Now more than ever, our beloved workers need our prayers and engagement. If you have friends or family members serving around the world, remember they have been unable to work as usual, they are having to follow God’s leading in creative ways, they have not been able to come home and rest, and many are seeing disruptions in their financial support. Your prayers over them, encouraging notes and Zoom or Facetime calls can make a huge difference! It’s the best time we’ve ever experienced to care for our workers.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Breanna and Shpetim!