Malawi and Zambia are two of the major hubs of our activity in Africa, with new partners coming on board and extremely positive developments with our long-standing partners.

Joe Gisbey writes: 

It was so inspiring to receive feedback from all of our partners, highlighting the hundreds of successful micro-businesses, churches planted, teams released and projects being carried out. Our partners have overcome many challenges, and we came away feeling humbled and blessed that Links is able to come alongside these amazing men and women of God who are making such an impact in their communities.

Alongside the opportunity for Links to bring training around the themes of strategy and sustainability to eight of our partner organisations, there was also ample time for networking, cross-pollination of ideas, prayer and prophetic ministry. It is very encouraging for us in Links to see the partners serving and offering help and expertise to each other.
Please join us in praying for our Malawi partners - that what they learned at the Summit will offer continued wisdom and help build God's Kingdom in some of the poorest areas of Malawi and Zambia.