Are you stuck for a present for that relative who already has everything? Tired of the tyranny of more? Wanting a gift that will go beyond the glitz of the Christmas season and impact lives around the world? Well look no further! Links has an array of ‘gifts’ that will bring the true meaning of Christmas into the hearts of every one who receives them.
From mosquito nets that will save the lives of children, to solar lights that ensure people can study, to clean water for communities, here you will find a range of ‘gifts’ of various prices and sizes. Maybe you would like to ‘gift’ someone with the knowledge that this year they will set up a family in business in the majority world and ensure that their family can eat and go through education. Or perhaps you could ‘gift’ someone the blessing of facilitating a healthcare worker, bringing life-changing hope into slums or rural communities.
Every gift makes a world of difference in our fight to confront poverty, create potential and connect people around the world.