Estimates are that most lower-income countries will only be able to vaccinate one in ten people in 2021, and the WHO predicts that some of those countries won’t complete their vaccination programmes until late 2023.

This poses a direct threat to people’s lives, increases the continued risk of coronavirus spreading, and it means that many of the most vulnerable communities around the world will be further pushed into poverty.

We’ve all seen the terrible scenes facing the people of India, with many mathematical models predicting that India’s surge would peak sometime between early and mid-May. India recorded a record high of 414,433 cases in one day on the 6th May and many days around it also recorded around 400,000 cases. On the 18th May, a record 4,525 people died as a result of this surge and the competing demands of the medical network in India.

We cannot simply sit idly by and let this continue.

Your generosity has led to over £30,000 in response to the Indian surge. Oxygen, medication and transport for missionaries and pastors has saved lives; PPE kits and hand sanitiser to people unable to get supplies; survival food rations for people without access to food. A ventilator provided for a partner in Southern India has already saved lives that would not have been able to access support.

But it’s not just in India. Over the whole campaign, we’ve been working alongside partners in 13 other countries in response to the most pressing needs and partner after partner shares the same stories of lives saved.

You have made this possible. You chose to answer the call. You chose to stand up and make your voice heard and we thank you.