It is such a blessing for us at Links to have some amazing business partners. One of these partners is Lina, who runs Communicate-Ed. Lina, and her husband Andy, have been involved with Links for many years - with Andy being a former CEO of Links and Lina being one of our Trustees. We loved having a chat with her about her business and how she has got to where she is today. 

Communicate-Ed makes such a difference in the lives of so many and, through their charitable generosity, they continue to impact lives all around the world. 

Lina says:

Communicate-Ed is an educational training company. We train professionals who work with students with special needs. We now have 1,650 members and regularly run webinars on subjects that are concerning to them. We have developed four bespoke qualifications and we are seeing increased numbers graduating from these each year. It's exciting watching people being equipped to carry out their roles in supporting students with special needs with increased confidence and skill.

In 2002 I was working as a support teacher/advisor for our local authority and was asked to take over training run by an educational psychologist. I soon realised there was a huge demand for the training, which was on the subject of supporting students in exams. Communicate-Ed was born, and we have been running training around the UK and overseas ever since.

Back at the beginning, I was asked again and again about assessments that could be used in our work. I put together a document describing thirty tests. I started selling them on floppy discs (remember those?!) for £5 each. I thought we might sell 100, and decided to give all the money to a home for children orphaned by AIDS that we had been supporting in Thailand. The floppy discs sold out very quickly and we had to produce more. That decision to give away £500 has multiplied many times over the years. We now have a range of resources that schools can download direct from our website, and the funds go directly through to our Links Act4You account. We have a number of other projects raising money for charity and give a proportion of our profit each year. We have reached £900,000 in charity donations in all. I'm grateful to God that he only asked me to give away £500 - that was a fairly easy decision. Had I known how the charity project would grow it might have been a harder decision to make!

I regularly volunteer on trips to Malawi and Zambia. Quite a lot of the charity donations have gone towards Micro-enterprise Development funds for our partners in Africa, and I'm able to support that by training MED committees in setting up their businesses. I love the fact that, if the committees do their job well, the funds become sustainable and can support family after family as funds are repaid and recycled within the communities. I hope that Communicate-Ed will be able to continue to support MED in different ways in the years to come.

Please pray for creativity and vision to develop our support for the needs of our members and delegates so that they in turn can support their students. Also for more ideas on how to raise funds for MED and other charity projects.

We are so thankful we are able to partner with Communicate-Ed. Let's pray for them and cheer them on with all they have done and all they are going to do!