Giving Up

It's that time of year again - a time of reflection and discipline as we enter this season of Lent. We often decide to take on the sacrificial challenge of giving something up during these 40 days. We might think, 'What should we cut from our day-to-day life?' 'What would do us good to go without?' 'What would we really find hard to give up?' 'What unhealthy habits can we change during this season?'

We often choose to give up an unhealthy food that we enjoy or a daily activity like watching TV or scrolling social media. The options are limitless, and practising this act of sacrifice can benefit us in many ways. If you are giving something up this year, then we are cheering you on and we would love to know how you get on with it! But we are challenging you to go one step further...

Going One Step Further

What if we decide to give up other things that are holding us back or weighing us down? Things within us that might stop us from stepping into all that God has for us? Things that make us doubt ourselves or limit ourselves in any way?

We challenge you to give up these things, or at least begin taking steps in order to do this. Let's begin to work at giving up the things that hold us back. The things that make us question ourselves. The things that can make us feel fear or worry or self-doubt.

We totally understand it can be difficult to just give these things up - and if it wasn’t, life would be so much easier, right?! But what we can all do is make a conscious and intentional effort every day to show ourselves even just a tiny fraction of the love that Jesus shows us.

Sometimes it is important for us to be reminded of our worth. When we begin to be kinder to ourselves, we have more kindness to give out to others. Let’s do it together. Are you up for the challenge?

Keep an Eye Out on Social Media

Over on our social media, there will be lots of content to encourage you with this. We will be sharing some uplifting Bible verses, inspirational quotes, worship songs to reflect on and daily affirmations to speak over yourself. Make sure you are connecting with us and keeping an eye on #LinksLentChallenge so you don't miss out! 


As we begin this challenge and this time of Lent, remember: you are loved, you are enough, you are worthy, and you deserve to show yourself the kindness you show to others.