Over the past few months, Malawi has shown a sharp reduction in active cases and good regional uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations. This has meant that the easing of some restrictions has opened up the opportunity to meet in person for training and meeting purposes.

Abundant Life Centre (ALC), in the rural parts around the capital city, has connections with many community leaders, women self-help groups and pastors of different denominations. Sam Walker, our Africa Region Coordinator, was recently invited to continue leadership training with a group of 20 leaders.

The leadership training focused on the character and heart behind our styles of leadership. The response was great, some leaders commenting on how they had always believed that their failures should be hidden and that they showed weakness, whereas they learned that being vulnerable and open as a leader is helpful for effective leadership and teamwork. The leadership styles of people from the Bible were explored and related to the leaders' current context.

In a season of strained pressures on leaders, it is important they are both encouraged and empowered to lead their communities effectively together. ALC will follow up with these trained leaders to help them continue to develop their teams with effective character and better collective action.