One of the main parts of my role as African Region Coordinator is to be Links' closer connection for our African partners throughout the year between visits. We've seen our partners and their community projects really benefit from ongoing, 'on-the-ground', guidance and counsel from Links. 

In Southern Africa, December and January are hectic times in rural areas. With the rains on their way, fields need to be prepared by hand for planting crops. This creates a natural break in my schedule with the partners' work to come back to the UK and spend time with the Links Office team in Littlehampton. It is always great to be with the Links Office staff, looking at how things are going, what we can improve on together and what the vision is for the year ahead.
2019 is set to be a busy year again, with numerous teams coming to support our partners and new avenues to explore and develop with new partnerships. Excitingly, in April, we have a team from Ashwood Church coming to support the work of our Malawian partners, Hope Missions. Ashwood and Hope have been connected for many years through Links; Ashwood often providing financial support for Hope's community projects. By sending a training team out from their church, Ashwood are keen to strength their connection with Hope and the work Hope is doing in Malawi. We are very interested to see how such church connections with our partners across the world can develop in the future.

This year we have new partnerships that we hope to strengthen and see how Links can help them change the world they are living in. Finally, towards the end of this year I complete my Masters in International Development, with the main project focusing on howLinks can help to include the most vulnerable in their Micro-Enterprise Development schemes.
Connections are growing and strengthening; we are excited to see what God graciously does with them all!

Sam Walker,
African Region Coordinator