Flying over the Spanish plains en route to spend some time ministering in a number of churches, I was shocked at how dry and parched the land appeared. Many of the fields not only looked barren, but in many cases burnt dry. I couldn’t help but feel my heart rise in prayer for this nation and for an awakening in the churches. Little did I realise how impacted I would be by the amazing communities of faith that I would soon visit. As I stood in the congregation in Cordoba that night, the Holy Spirit seemed so close as with one voice they quite literally raised the roof and we felt heaven invade earth. My mind was drawn to the countryside that we had driven through just hours before - countryside that from a distance had seemed so lacking in life. Yet now, driving through we saw an abundance of olive groves and vineyards, beautiful fertile land that, close up, it was impossible to deny their potential. I stood humbled by people who had sacrificially ploughed up the fallow spiritual ground and sowed over the years into this nation, with blood, sweat and tears, crying out to God for their people. Over the next few days we would visit a number of churches and the experience would be the same in each. God is clearly on the move. The fields are white for harvest!

I had been invited to visit Spain and specifically the church Centro Cristiano de Esperanza (CCE), started by a British couple Desmond and Caroline Bellew in the city of Badajoz. After having pioneered and planted a number of churches in Spain over close to 40 years, Desmond and Caroline knew it was time to transition the leadership and to return to the UK. It was such an honour to see in this community the spirit of Elijah that Malachi 4:16 talks of being played out. In CCE the hearts of the fathers were being turned to the sons and son’s to the fathers as both Desmond and the current pastor Cristian Chamorro blessed and honoured one another. Prophetically the congregation also reflects this nature as Cristian is Argentinian and a large portion of the church are from a number of Latin American countries. It was beautiful to see the Spanish, who in many ways represent the father nation and the Latinos, representing the sons, worshipping together, honouring one another, preferring each other and bringing life and reconciliation. The Scriptures say this releases a blessing and it was clear that this church community is living in the fruit of that blessing.

I left Spain hugely encouraged and with the firm belief that God is moving powerfully in this land, that today is the day of salvation, now is the acceptable time and that the fields are white for harvest.

Joe Gisbey
CEO, Links International