Fundraising is a huge part of what we do here at Links. Of course, at the moment with the world looking slightly different and planned events being cancelled and postponed, we are having to be more inventive with ways we can raise funds. We have absolutely loved seeing so many people initiating their own fundraising events and coming up with fundraising ideas at this time. 

These amazing girls raised over £200 for Links by running the Bannister Mile! Thank you so much Isobel and Elyana!

Here are a few fundraising ideas:

Zoom Party or Social Distance Gathering: Zoom has been a great way of connecting people during this time and enabling people to socialise. A Zoom Party could be a great way to all get together. You could host a quiz or a workshop, and everyone could give a donation to take part. Alternatively, with the lockdown rules being lifted, you could arrange one of these activities in your garden or an outside space whilst social distancing. 

Give It Up: We all have bad habits! Why not kick the habit whilst fundraising for Links? If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save? Alternatively you could take part in a 24-hour fast. Whether this is fasting food and identifying with the hungry around the world or fasting something that is personally sacrificial - this can be a great way to raise funds!

Hike: Why not raise money by hiking in some of the beautiful backdrops that the UK has to offer. As many of our partners will often have to walk similar distances on a daily basis to collect water, this can be a great way to fundraise for these projects.

Sponsored Silence: If you’re a chatterbox, who finds being quiet a challenge, then perhaps raise funds with a sponsored silence. Just remember, don't be quiet about the cause and your fundraising before or after the event!

Run: Why not set your own goal with the support of those around you? You don't need a big event attended by thousands of people in order to set yourself a challenge and raise money! You may have seen the 5k challenge that has been trending on social media where people run, donate and nominate - you could do something like this too and get others involved! 

Bake & Deliver: An alternative to a cake sale - take orders for cakes and deliver them to those who are local to you. You could set a price for the cakes or just ask for a donation. After all, who wouldn't want a sweet treat delivered to their door? 

The incredibly talented Rachel Croucher has not only been making these beautiful face coverings, but she has raised over £700 for Links too! Absolutely amazing. Thank you Rachel!

Have your own ideas? We would love to hear them! Together we are Confronting Poverty, Creating Potential and Connecting People.