A tropical storm has hit Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe causing flooding in numerous areas. Around 700 people have lost their lives and it is estimated that 1.7 million will be affected and will need assistance. We are doing all we can to raise funds to go directly to the people and communities affected by this heartbreaking situation. Please keep Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in your prayers and donate anything you can. 

The funds raised will help carry out focused and direct flood relief in their communities. These will include: 

- Providing plastic sheeting to house hundreds of displaced households and to build make shift latrines.  

- Providing emergency food and blankets. 

- Providing seeds and sensitisation to assist households and to start to replant some of their lost crops.

- Providing materials and resources to start rebuilding housing and accommodation for the most vulnerable. 

Please visit our donations page and give whatever you can to help transform lives in the midst of this heartbreaking situation. Thank you so much.