A New Year

So here we are in 2021, a new year with new dreams and a new hope. But somehow the situation both here in the UK and around the world looks pretty similar to last year - in fact, in some countries around the world, the pandemic is only really starting to hit properly for the first time. 

Let's Continue Bringing Hope

Here at Links, we are continuing to do all we can to help and to bring hope at this time. We are working with our partners in countries all around the world to deliver emergency relief supplies. This is in the form of hygiene and medical resources and food parcels. These supplies have made such a big difference to so many. This is so important right now and we are going to continue raising funds to enable this. But we are also providing sensitisation training to help communities learn how to stop the spread of the virus and how to use the resources provided. Understanding these prevention techniques will help them longer term and allow them to pass on their knowledge to others.

Your Generosity Changes Lives

Thank you for your generosity to our appeal that has allowed us to help in this way. You are changing lives. Our appeal has been running for nearly a whole year now, and we are still amazed and humbled by your giving. But we need to keep going. We need to continue fighting for justice and change. We need to do all we can to love the people around us and around the world. We need to continue shining a light and showing kindness. This year, let's go above and beyond with our generosity. Let's make more of an impact than ever. Let's do it together. 

We Believe in a God Who Is Bigger Than Any Pandemic

As we begin 2021 and find ourselves still amongst so much uncertainty, fear and chaos, let's remind ourselves that we believe in a God who is bigger than any pandemic. A God who loves us, who cares for us and who is our protector through it all. Even when our lives feel out of control, God has it all under control. Let's be still, rest in Him and find comfort in His presence. This won't last forever.