To all of you who have supported our appeal through prayer or donating what you can, thank you! Our partners have been working tirelessly and have been able to impact so many through your generosity. It really has made such a difference.

The ongoing training in Zambia is with our partners, Shiloh Hands of Hope. They have done three separate sensitisations for 8-10 different communities. This included delivering food parcels to vulnerable people, such as the sick, elderly and disabled, impacting over 200 people
We are also now looking to do Zoom/online trainings with their Community Healthcare volunteers and Micro-enterprise Development committees. This may involve pre-recorded teaching sessions and then interactive live sessions with the attendees through Zoom or another accessible platform. This training will focus on how to continue their programs as the pandemic continues.

As it appears that Covid-19 cases have remained low, particularly in Malawi, it seems that the informal sectors, street sellers/vendors and similar artisans alike, are back up to similar pre-Covid-19 levels, although the flow of cash is a bit less overall due to the impact of the pandemic. It is good to see micro-enterprises restarting and building back up after a difficult time earlier in the year. 

Another aspect that is important to highlight is getting girls back into education, as the pandemic and school closures have resulted in a rise in teenage pregnancies and gender-based violence and abuse. Abundant Life Ministries in Malawi has an ongoing program with girls in their communities. With support from our appeal during this time, the girls were kept busy via e-Learning, radio programs and community-based teaching. Due to your generosity, these girls are all prepared to go back to school and have been provided with uniforms, learning materials, groceries, hygiene resources and school fees for secondary school children. 

We have also had an update from our partner Janaki, who leads Faith in Action Ministries in India. They have had terrible flooding within local communities. Heavy rain damaged roads and stranded vehicles just after the teams had delivered food to vulnerable villages. There has been huge damage to crops and they now face months of difficulty accessing food. This is another extremely worthwhile cause that our appeal money will be going towards. 

Our appeal has had such a positive impact over this time, but the reality is that Covid-19 and its affects are not going away anytime soon. This appeal is something we need to continue supporting and giving into, to ensure we are doing all we can to help these communities in far worse situations than we can imagine. Please join with us to continue making a difference.