In the midst of this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, we are amazed and totally encouraged by the levels of generosity we have experienced. The response we have received for our appeal has been incredible, and we are so thankful for the love and the kindness. it shines through so brightly at a time of uncertainty and spreads love and hope far beyond what we could imagine.
Because of your donations, we have been able to reach out to support and help those who are have requests for basic needs, from a variety of countries around the world.

These include: Colombia, Peru, India, Lebanon, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Malawi & Zambia

We have been able to help ensure that families can eat and cover basic needs. Thousands of food parcels have been delivered and cooked food has been given out in communities most in need. Medical supplies have been dispatched to ensure their health needs are being met. We have been able to provide support and training, also teaching preventative measures in communities to step the threat of Covid-19. Resources such as soap, buckets, gloves, water, solar panels and solar batteries have been bought and given out alongside Healthcare training. This food, training and resources are changing and transforming peoples lives all around the world. Thank you for your kindness and support that is enabling us to provide for these communities. 

Please consider being a part of this movement and making a difference by giving what you can today.  

Thank you so much for joining with us to help change, transform and save lives around the world. Without your support we couldn’t be doing this. Let’s continue to step out together to Confront Poverty, Create Potential and Connect People. We need to show God’s love to people and communities around the world, now more than ever. 

Love, Links x