Thank you for your continued generosity towards our Covid-19 appeal. Giving what you can really does have a huge impact and changes lives. Here is an update from a couple of our amazing partners:

Update from Comunidad Mosaic in Colombia

During this time of pandemic, God has blessed us by allowing us to completely transform the way that we bring the gospel into people’s homes and communities. Clearly the situation of social distancing and restrictions around meeting has caused us to change the way we share the message and, in many ways, has caused the church to reinvent itself for that purpose.

As far as church services are concerned, we are now transmitting the worship on Sundays through the Facebook Live platform. We are praying every day at 5:00 am through the Google Meet platform (this has been an exciting new endeavour for us as a church). We have continued with Bible studies and are holding these digitally every Thursday at 7:30 pm through Google Meet. The audience and reach here has increased considerably compared to when we held these in person at the church before Covid 19. We have also been sharing a daily devotional among all the members of the congregation, through a short video prepared by the various leaders and team members of the church community.

In other words, the way of carrying the Lord's message to the church has been transformed, and we have seen the following miracles:

1) The birth of our grandson, Mateo, in the midst of the pandemic where the medical prognosis was contrary to life, and we have seen him grow in these 3 months and we have seen him grow healthy and strong.
2) We have seen Covid-19 healings amongst our church members.
3) In the midst of this difficult economic situation the Lord has provided and we do not know how, but we have been able to help more than 15 families in desperate need, both within the church and outside, providing food parcels and financial contributions.
4) We have seen the growth of the virtual church and many new families connecting.

Thank you so much for your prayers, because the Kingdom of God does not stop, it continues to advance, and each day the Lord is adding those who are being saved!

Blessings to all at Links International for your unconditional support and your love for the community.

Hermes and Diagne Gonzalez
Lead Pastors - Comunidad Mosaic

Update from FEZODEV in Malawi

After we made an appeal for emergency funds for Covid-19, we were overwhelmed by the kind gesture shown by Links International to rescue the vulnerable people of Malawi.

The materials were distributed to the following targeted vulnerable people:

- ADZUKULU, these are graveyard attendants and women who bathe and clean dead bodies in the communities. They are vulnerable people who sometimes wash dead bodies infected by Covid-19 unknowingly. Faces were bright when we sensitized them on preventative care for coronavirus. When they called the group, we were overwhelmed when over 30 of them came to the meeting; we had to trim the numbers and select representatives. We selected 10 from the group to represent their friends. We thought it could be a difficult group to train, but they were more eager than the rest. To tell the truth, they could not afford to buy masks let alone hand sanitizer.

- The Community Healthcare team, who have been conducting health programs in Mkuwa village. We have members here who have been trained by Links International. They were travelling about in public without masks and with little knowledge of Covid-19. We spared a day for them, and expect them to carry on where we left off.

- Sick, old people and vulnerable people. In this group we distributed masks, soap and hand sanitizer; they made up the majority in the meeting. Some could hardly walk because they were very old. I remembered a quote from Sister Theresa: 'If you cannot feed a hundred people then just feed one.' Links can not help everyone in Malawi, but they have helped over 4000 people with masks; it is a commendable job. One of the village headmen said that Links International has done more than the United Nations.

- The last group was the chiefs. We have 24 chiefs in Mkuwa and 19 chiefs in Chibothera. The chiefs are the custodians of culture in the communities; whatever is said by the chiefs is obeyed by the people. We had to target the chiefs first. We gave them masks, hand sanitizer and soap as examples. We also asked one representative from the chiefs to demonstrate how to put on a mask. We thank God that the senior chief Mkuwa himself was present to grace the occasion. We had 12 representatives from the chiefs and, because the place was small, we had to put them 2 meters apart.


Thank you so much for joining with us to bring hope, life and change to the people who need it most. Let's continue to confront poverty and create potential together!