We came into 2020 trusting God for DOUBLE-DOUBLE and, while that’s still a vision we believe He is accomplishing, it looks much different than we anticipated. It was clear early into the pandemic that our work needed to pivot to relief work. At the time, we started with Uganda and India. 100+ days later, we have also provided relief to Nicaragua and El Salvador (which was also struck with a severe tropical storm). Hundreds of families have received packages of food and essentials to keep them going.

We thought we would double our trips, our budget and our trainings. Instead we have doubled the number of countries we provided relief to. We have more than doubled the number of donors giving to the relief work of Links; we received a $2,000 match along the way, which was another double.

Links founder, Norman, says, “Constant change is here to stay” and, even in the constant change of 2020, God continues to be faithful allowing us to deliver GOOD NEWS to the poor in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible.

Thank you for your support of the USA Office of Links.