As March was Women's History Month, and was also the month of International Women's Day and Mother's Day, we took a whole week out to celebrate and uplift the wonderful and inspirational women in our lives and around the world. This year's International Women's Day theme was 'Choose to Challenge'. We used our social media platforms as a way of reaching thousands of people and encouraging them to celebrate with us and show love to the women around them, as well as fighting for equality and using our voices to speak out and stand up.  

Here are some case studies sent to us from our partners, Shiloh Hands of Hope, in Zambia. It's amazing to see these women empowered through businesses and dreaming big dreams for the future.

This is Esther from Zambia. Through borrowing an MED loan and receiving training from our partners, Shiloh Hands of Hope Foundation, she has set up her own hair salon business.
Esther is a single parent and, through her business, she is able to support her family financially and send her children to school. She’s been able to pay back her loan and save a little for future use in business. She is also able to give to orphans and vulnerable people in the community.
Esther and her family’s life has improved greatly through the revenue from her business and is positively impacting others too! We can’t wait to see where the business takes her and those around her in the future.


Tiba and Mirriam both work at a Baby Wear and Women’s shop in Zambia, set up through a business loan from our partners Shiloh Hands of Hope Foundation.
The shop has grown and expanded into two, which has allowed Tiba and Mirriam to both be employed.
Both girls are school leavers from poor backgrounds. Due to working in the shop, Tiba and Mirriam are able to put food on the table, pay house rent and start college next year to further their education.
This business is currently making a real difference in the lives of these two girls, and we’re sure it will go on to impact many others.
We can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes Tiba and Mirriam. We believe they are going to go on to achieve amazing things!

Giving to Links allows these projects around the world to be funded. Your generosity brings change and empowerment to women like Esther, Tiba and Mirriam. Thank you for contributing to make a difference to the lives of so many.

We believe we are all equal and that both men and women play such a vital role in the Church, the work place, the charity sector, businesses, the home and family and in advancing God's Kingdom - both in the UK and all around the world.

As we move forward, let's remember how important we all are. Let's choose to challenge prejudice and fight for the rights we all have. Let's continue striving for equality and justice in our world. Let's join together to empower, uplift and encourage one another. 

Please always remember that YOU are:
Uniquely designed.
Equipped to do amazing things. 

Let's believe in ourselves, let's cheer on those around us and let's be leaders of love.