Find out how Links International partners’ Community Healthcare Volunteers continue to be empowered with important training, despite travel restrictions.

A lot of Links' impact comes through relevant and accessible training for partners and their community volunteers around the world. With the present travel restrictions, our in-person training team visits haven't happened for over a year. However, this has provided opportunities to develop accessible online programmes to reach more partners in a shorter time-frame.

Our Community Healthcare (CHC) SHINE programme has run through to its final stages with our Zambian partner, Shiloh Hands of Hope Foundation. The CHC volunteers in their communities have continued their training programmes with restrictions throughout the pandemic, facing new health issues, as well as addressing misinformation. Shiloh requested training on respiratory illnesses and COVID-19 to empower their volunteers in this challenging season.

On 19th April, from three different nations, Ann Edmunds, Links' CHC Manager, Sam Walker, Links' Africa Region Coordinator, and Dr Nicky Hambley, a previous and experienced Links' volunteer, led an online training with Shiloh and some of their CHC volunteers. The health topic and case study focused on child pneumonia, a leading cause of death among the under 5s in the Global South, and the differences with COVID-19.

Despite the physical distance, the training helped equip the CHC volunteers and it will facilitate Shiloh to bring timely training in this season to their communities.

Find out more about Links International’s CHC training on our website.

Sam Walker
Africa Region Coordinator