Chasing back the Dark: Partners Covid-19 Response Update
'The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it!' (John 1:5)
The world continues to be impacted by the ongoing fallout from the Covid-19 Pandemic, with some countries gradually progressing out of the peak and others entering the curve. We continue to be humbled and honoured to be able to join with our partners in many nations, bringing God’s light and love into extremely dark and challenging situations - from communities that we are joining with to begin to rebuild and kickstart their projects and micro-economies, to others who still remain in the throes of desperately providing emergency aid and relief. Let’s continue to join together to confront, create and connect, to chase back the dark with the light of God’s hope!
Here are just a few brief testimonies:
Dear Brother,
A wonderful experience I would like to share with you all now. After 70 days of quarantine, last Wednesday I was finally able to visit our brothers and sisters with leprosy. I have really wanted to see them since the start of the lock down.
Amazingly when I went there, expecting to find real hardship, I saw that those people were gathered under the tree and singing and praising the Lord Jesus even in their suffering with their terrible wounds due to the very hot summer. But their faces were glowing with God's presence. It was such a wonderful experience that I had today. Praise the Lord!
I was so encouraged by them and praised God Almighty who gave me such wonderful friends. We remembered the words from Pillipians 4:11.
Our friends with leprosy prayed for all of you and they asked after you all and conveyed their love for you all. We love you all so much and are so grateful for your love and supports for these.
(Southern India)


We thank God for the privilege and grace to be able to reach out to 85 elders in five communities in three days! 
Thank you Links International UK 

Isaiah 1:17
'Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.' 

We are grateful to God and Links International UK for the support. Today we finished off distribution of mosquito nets, maize, beans, salt, blankets, sleeping mats, hand washing buckets, soy pieces, bathing and washing soap to the aged. Imagine being weak bodied, not being able to harvest anything, yet you still need to eat and live, imagine having a compromised immune system, yet you are living in an endangered society of COVID-19, imagine being told to observe health guidelines against COVID-19, but you don't have any PPE?. 

We thank God for this help, that is going to go a long way in assisting these elders.



So far the Lord has graciously enabled us through your prayers, generosity to provide 1684 Food Rations Packets and 13122 Cooked Meals in Ghaziabad, Guatam Budh Nagar, Hapur and Meerut district of Utter Pradesh: Dehradun, Pauri and Khatima in Uttrakhand: Hoshangbad in Madhaypradesh. We will continue to this ministry till end of June as we pray and believe that by then daily wagers will start to be able to return to their jobs.

One example of many, we were able to provide for a migrant rickshaw puller, with responsibility to feed his family of four. He had nothing to feed them with. Our Church Planter reached him, shared the love of God, prayed for the whole family. They shared the rations packets, which gave him immense joy and his family was so thankful, so much so that they have requested one of our Church Planters to come again to pray and share about the Lord.
(Northern India)


Thank you for praying!! We’re winning the battle!!
1. The general feeling is that things have turned around here in Iquitos since the Army of the Lord began to pray last week! Praise God for the power of prayer! 
2. The oxygen plant has been providing oxygen for much needed patients.
3. The hospitals are better under control with the medical reinforcements that arrived from Lima.
4. COVID Medical Task Force arrived yesterday with more doctors and supplies. 
5. The death toll has decreased by a good margin, with more people recovering with the arrival of oxygen and more medicine. 
God is good and we continue to receive His Grace, power and protection in this diverse situation. We appreciate each of you for your love, concern, prayer and giving to extend God’s Kingdom in the Amazon! 



Let’s continue to stand with our friends and partners around the world as they share the love and light of Christ during these dark situations. Please know that, as you stand and invest in the work of Links, you are seeing tens of thousands of families fed and protected across the globe. Many of our partners are also actively engaged in training and sensitisation programs to protect communities from the onslaught of the virus and also to ensure that there is provision of on going homeschooling and education.

To continue to give into the work of these amazing heroes around the world please click here and, on behalf of the untold lives that have been impacted throughout this season, please accept our deepest thanks and gratitude!

Love, Links x