Many of you will know of the exciting journey and partnership that Bunches have with Links International. Bunches have journeyed with us for over 20 years, impacting communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Bunches have invested in us and our partners in so many ways, from finances to business acumen, to strategy, training and friendly advice.

Joe Gisbey writes:

In Links International we believe in Partnership. We are so much stronger when we work together. Bunches have partnered with Links International for decades, investing into projects in countries from India, to Colombia and Malawi and many more. Their ongoing commitment to join with us to confront poverty and create potential has meant that countless lives have been changed and communities transformed by their investment. Inasmuch as a purchase of beautiful flowers from Bunches brings life, colour and joy into households across the country, so too Bunches are ensuring that the same joy and colour is being brought into communities across the world. For us in Links International it is a privilege to be able to celebrate 30 years of Bunches, not only standing with us in life’s meaningful moments, but also creating those moments for so many around the world.


Happy Anniversary Bunches from all of us at Links!