All around the world, even here in Malawi and Zambia, we wait in a season of uncertainty. Unsure of what lies ahead of the Covid-19 curve on the horizon.

In Malawi and Zambia concerns from rising unemployment, increasing hunger, lack of resources for health services and prolonged school closures are the reality, and the impact will be felt for many years to come. However, it is a privilege to watch how Links' partner organisations are taking on each issue within the communities they have longstanding connections and relationships with.

Through the generosity of many around the world, Links has been able to see thousands of masks and hand-washing facilities distributed to distant rural communities, alongside COVID-19 sensitisation programmes run by our partners. We've witnessed many vulnerable girls being able to study safely at home, protected from early marriages or abuse, whilst they wait for schools to reopen. We've watched many vulnerable children, elderly and people with disabilities be given vital food parcels in this time when livelihoods are heavily disrupted. And, most of all, we've watched hope return to those lost within the figures and stats - the Living Hope of Jesus being brought to the forgotten.

Please continue to pray for our partners as they look beyond the COVID-19 curve and partner with Jesus in His mission to bring hope and healing into the darkest and most broken situations.