On Tuesday 4th August Beirut, the capital city of the nation of Lebanon, was rocked by a terrible explosion which has killed over 200 and injured more than 5,000 people. The blast, caused by more than 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, caused shockwaves across Beirut that were heard as far away as Cyprus.
It has been a massive honour for us in Links to come alongside our partners in Beirut to respond to the needs on the ground, providing much-needed aid relief and rehabilitation. Links International has partnered for many years with Triumphant Mercy, led by Nuna Matar, who do amazing work reaching out to Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the city of Beirut and also in the Beqaa valley, along the border with Syria. Triumphant Mercy immediately sprang into action to provide food, aid and relief to the areas worst affected.

Nuna reported following the blast:
'We personally know people who died, people who lost homes and cars, people who are now in hospitals, but everyone is full of anger and in denial. Many don’t want to believe it's true and that the things they have worked for all their lives have just disappeared in a second. Reality has not hit yet. We also went down this morning to clean the glass and try to close the Center, but then the idea of making sandwiches and taking them to the catastrophe zone emerged and soon, in a very quick response, a whole group of people joined us to prepare 400 sandwiches. This response showed us that everyone wants to do something as we can’t just sit there and watch from the side. There are huge needs to both increase this work and to set up temporary shelters. We are in complete shock…it is as if a mini nuclear bomb has gone off in our city. We had our moments last night of hurrying to close the church that had its doors blown open, shattered glass and falling ceilings, and the Community Center that also had its shutters derailed and was completely open with the whole glass window broken into pieces. We hurried to try to close them to avoid having people come in at night and steal money, laptops, etc - and food.'
They are now working with many skilled labourers to rebuild homes destroyed by the blast, alongside so many others helping with shovels, work helmets, hard gloves and first aid material.
Though this is a really tough for them, they are already bringing hope and light into a very dark situation.
Please join with Links International to pray and give into these efforts: