Thank you for your continued generosity towards our COVID Response Appeal. Here are some first-hand testimonies of how it has impacted people around the world:

"Thanks to Links, my life has been transformed and my mind is now free from worries of where my next meal is coming from."

Helen Dokowe (Zambia - Lusuntha Community)

"Jesus cares for me."

Omvati (India)

"Our life has changed completely."

Patrick Banda (Zambia - Bowe Village)

"Now me and my family can eat."

Manish (India)

"Links has made a big difference in my family."

Tilipho Chikhoza (Zambia, Mapala Village)

"So thankful to the angels who brought ration packets."
Manju Devi (India)

Together we are able to change and impact the lives of many.

Your generosity is:

- Putting food on family's tables who would otherwise be going without
- Allowing people around the world to realise their worth and their truth
- Changing lives and freeing worry from people's minds
- Equipping individuals and communities with preventative techniques
- Giving hope to those who need it most

On behalf of all at Links, our amazing partners who are out doing the groundwork and everyone impacted through your kindness, thank you so much.