Appeal Statistics (so far):

Funds Raised by Links: Approx. £33,771.00 
Food Parcels Distributed by Links' partners: 18,160
Countries Impacted: 9

Here are some encouraging stories that we have been sent from our partners in response to our COVID-19 appeal.

One of our partners, who has depended on his ministry’s vehicle and industrial standard fridge for the storage and distribution of food, sent a report saying that simultaneously the fridge and vehicle had both broken down. He saw this as an attack from the enemy and had no idea how he could raise the funds to get these fixed, or indeed find the engineers to do the work.

In Links we looked to raise the funds and began to mobilise prayer, when we received this testimony back:

'Miracles are part of our life! Thanks for your prayers for the vehicle and refrigerator. The Refrigerator Maker engineers declared that this problem could never be fixed; I was very discouraged. On Friday a local mechanic just happened to visit me and I shared our problem and he looked into it and said he could fix it. He worked for the whole evening on Friday and the whole day until late evening on Saturday and finally fixed it. It’s working now and only cost a fraction of the price that we would have needed! Thanks my friends for your prayers! So I don’t need any funds for a new refrigerator.” 

They were also given the use of another vehicle! 'No weapon formed against us can prosper.'

One of our partners visited a family where the father had a micro-business ironing clothes to earn the daily food for his family. But, since lockdown, all of that was gone. As a husband and father of four children, his situation very quickly became desperate and they went for a long period of time without food or supplies. When our partner reached him with food rations and supplies, he was filled with so much joy that he wept, thanking God and saying, "I knew you would send help Lord, I just knew it!”

In Peru, one of the Links partners' daughter had a terrible fall whilst distributing food, which resulted in a brain bleed. She was rushed to hospital where the prognosis was very bleak. Prayer was mobilised and miraculously our friend was released from hospital very soon after, fully recovered! Thank you Jesus! 

Siriyawathi is 78 years old, living with her children and grandchildren. She shared with our partners, with tears in her eyes, how they are suffering during this phase. This was the second time a food parcel was provided for her and she was so grateful! We thank God that we could help such innocent people who are helpless at a time where help is needed the most. It is because of your thoughts and prayers that we are able to continue to help such people! The worn-out wooden house she lives in is covered with plastic wraps against rainy water. There is not even a front door and during the rainy season the house gets flooded. They do not have a proper toilet. Their standards of living are so low and miserable. We hope and pray that the Lord will honour their needs and provide a way for a better quality of life with a better shelter and a toilet. Here is another opportunity to help yet another deserving family!

Thank you so much for your generosity - for your donations, prayers and support. It has gone such a long way and we are so thankful that, with your help, we are able to impact communities around the world. If you would like to donate to our appeal to continue reaching out to the people who need it most, please click here.

Love, Links x