If confronting Poverty and Creating Potential is 'why' we do what we do, then empowering key nationals with strategic sustainable solutions to confront poverty is 'how' we begin to change the world. In Links we believe that genuine community transformation is only possible when we offer a holistic answer to the issues that our partners face. Simply focussing on one area will only address part of the equation. 

With this is mind Links targets, spirit, soul, body and community through five main areas:

- Spiritual Renewal
- Business Development
- Community Healthcare
- Education and Empowerment
- Social Justice

As our name suggests, we believe strongly in joining together. When we work side by side with one another amazing things are possible. for this reason we join with churches, businesses, organisations and individuals; both in the developing world and the materially wealthy world, learning from one another, catalysing potential and seeing God’s Kingdom break out in a greater measure.