Iphiko is one of our Act4You projects. Margrite, who runs the project, tells us a bit about the amazing work that they do:

Iphiko: Zulu for ‘wings’. Refuge under the shadow of His wings.

For many of us here, 2020 was an exceptionally challenging year, yet one that was multidimensional in poorer countries, compounded by poverty and misinformation. Despite this, we have seen many blessings and seen the Kingdom of God extended.

Iphiko began in 2012 out of God’s heart of compassion for traumatised people, especially women and children. In South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania etc., Iphiko has been providing personal trauma counselling through qualified counsellors, as well as teaching Bible school students, pastors and other key people basic counselling skills. Through these contacts they invariably find their own broken wings healed, as the Holy Spirit touches and heals them. As well as this, Iphiko has continued to support the church we built in the tribal area, where the children’s work is flourishing.

Throughout the pandemic, Iphiko has continued this work, conveying encouragement to pastors and students, counselling via the Internet, as well as giving financial support to the poorest parts of the tribal areas and townships.


In March 2020, while Margrite and Michelle (trained trauma counsellors) were lecturing In the Bible School in Mpumalanga, they witnessed the fear and uncertainty amongst students and staff around this, then largely unknown, virus. Students from 24 African countries were afraid for families back home: Would they be able to get food? Would they be able to travel back to their countries? Were they safe? - and so on.

Margrite and Michelle only just manged to get back to England, via a very protracted and expensive route, before all the borders closed. Thank you, Jesus!

Throughout this time, Iphiko has been, and continues to be, a vital support via hardship funds to help communities in townships and tribal areas, food distribution, children’s Christmas presents, hospital bills etc.

We thank God for generous donations to Iphiko, which enables this work to continue.

Foremost, we thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His grace and mercy to be able to be a small part of His wonderful provision to those who suffer silently and are often overlooked.

Gratefully in His service,

Margrite for Iphiko


If you would like to make a donation towards Iphiko and the incredible work they do, click the Donate button below and please quote ‘3059’ in the comment box.