Helping Hands is one of our amazing Act4You projects in Brazil.

The focus of the work of Helping Hands is to be a channel of Jesus' love to underprivileged children living in this small part of Paraná in Brazil - to pray for and with them, encourage them and their families, offer emergency help of food, clothes and school materials in times of crisis, help them with schoolwork and tell them about God's wonderful plan for their lives.


Many of the children have dysfunctional families and are moved around regularly to live for a month or so with an aunt, uncle, older sibling or grandparent. Life is completely unpredictable and unstable, often with stepparents moving in and out of their lives. To add to the chaos, we see a lot of problems with alcoholism, drugs and a fascination with the occult.

State schools have remained closed since 18th March 2020. Some parts of the country have done well to provide regular online classes throughout the year. However, these are only accessible to those with Internet and appropriate devices. There are many children living in homes without laptops and mobile phones.


Children from very low-income families have been especially harshly affected by the pandemic and consequent school closures. As well as missing out on their education and social interaction, some rely on going to school for meals and to escape chaotic, difficult environments. The pressures on families where parents have lost jobs are immense, and the same problems with drugs and alcoholism have only intensified. In other families, single mothers are forced to leave their children home alone all day while they go out to work.

As we are prohibited from opening our project centre for groups of children while state schools are closed, Amanda spends time with individual children and groups of siblings, visiting them to support their learning and pray with them.

The devastating reality is that, without the intervention of the Gospel, children born into these environments are likely to follow their parents into a volatile, shallow life of chaos, bad decisions, sadness and strife. We need the power and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ more than ever.



Amanda is a qualified teacher (Oxford University, 1995) who worked in primary schools in England for 13 years before moving to Brazil in 2008. She lives in a small town near the city of Curitiba where she works with our children.

‘Helping Hands’ is a Links Act4You account, run by Richard and Sylvia Green (Amanda’s parents), which raises funds to help these children in Brazil. If you would like to give towards the project, click the Donate link below and please quote ‘3017' in the comment section.