New Life Ministries

New Life Ministries is based in the City of Shillong in North East India and is committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus to the peoples and tribes throughout the North East. Led by the Rev Sanga Miller they have seen untold thousands come to know God through their outreaches and practical social input into communities amongst the North Eastern States. Churches have been formed, ministers raised up and poverty confronted amongst many of the least reached communities of India.

Currently New Life Ministry has one vehicle, which has been used to travel the length and breadth of the North East, allowing the ministry to reach thousands of people with the Good News of Jesus and to provide practical help and support to some of the most needy communities. However, after more than 20 years the bus has finally come to the end of its service and it is time to say goodbye and to invest in a new vehicle to carry out this essential work.
With New Life Ministry conducting three Advance Christmas Programmes in December and further invitations in the New Year  the ministry is expected to grow, the need for a reliable vehicle is so important.


Links International (Charity no: 1168872) has teamed up with the Compass Travel Charity (Charity no: 11040367) and Nations Trust (Charity no: 1069419) to raise funds for a new bus for the ministry, to help them continue to follow Jesus where the need is greatest, bringing Good News to the poor and catalysing the potential in communities all over the North East.

The Bus

The new bus, a Force Traveller, will cost £18,000 and will be able to carry a team of 18 people plus equipment for their various outreach events. Please help us to reach this target!

Joe Gisbey