Our vision is to serve you in your calling to impact the nations. Whether by connecting in and helping you with situations you are already involved in, or by directing you to work around the world with key nationals, with a proven track record, who you can build a strong relationship with.

One of the ways Links can serve the local church is by assisting in caring for missionaries out on the field. We can travel to meet missionaries, provide assessments and encouragement while offering feedback regarding the circumstances they are serving in. Many churches struggle to find time to visit their missionaries. Links is here to help.

Through years of experience we have learnt how ‘not to do’ international development too. Good intentions are not enough and sadly often cause more harm than they do help. Too often we see wasted resources, unfinished projects and initiatives. These monuments to churches and individuals' good intentions, create frustration and a sense of hopelessness, causing many to give up on being able to make a difference. Links can help ensure that the work your church is doing around the world will be strategic, empowering and self sustainable. 

Please contact us to find out more about how Links could serve your church