Deep down we know we want to make a difference, the very core of our being cries out that we

were meant to live for more. All of our frantic activity comes from this desperation to leave our

mark on planet earth, to achieve and to become. However as Christian, we believe that you

touch the sky when you kneel, that you gain everything when you lay everything else down.

We believe that the Church is the primary vehicle that advances the Kingdom of God in the

Earth. As followers of Jesus we are called to bring planet earth back to it’s original design, free

from the brokenness that plagues us all on one level or another. What began in a garden was

always supposed to cover the earth. Habakuk 2:14 says ‘For the earth will be filled with the

knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’

Sometime we look at the enormous need around us and can be totally overwhelmed. where do

we begin when faced by such heart ache, corruption, pain and brokenness? It can be tempting

to switch the channel mentally and pretend that it isn’t there. Alternatively we sometimes rush at

the issues with our own ideas and then become bitter and disillusioned when our attempts come

crashing down around us. Missions research has begun to reveal that billions are spent on

international mission activity that is not sustainable.

At Links, we believe in serving the church to impact the world in a way that is strategic and that

missions spending should be efficient and productive. We love the opportunity to serve

churches by assisting with missions strategies, overseas team trips and assessing current

mission spending. It is important to be good stewards of the money we invest in work around

the world, and together we can make sure the money goes as far as possible. Through our

Act4U ministry we are able to support churches and church networks to become far more

intentional about what they can offer and learn from partners around the world. This is not

through simply making a donation and ticking a box that makes us feel good about ourselves,

but rather through Links we provide the opportunity for churches to visit and help form the work,

rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty!

We are also available to come and speak at churches who are interested in learning more about

impacting the nations or who would like to focus on getting involved in new projects around the


Some of our UK Partnerships include:

A commitment to Mission lies at the heart of the ethos of the Pioneer network of networks, hubs,

churches and ministries.

Links is very grateful to the Ground Level network of churches and are excited to see how

things continue to develop as we work with churches in the Network. Please be sure to look out

for us at The One Event.

Links has had a long and close relationship with Arun Community Church and is very grateful

for so much support over the years. We look forward to this continuing in the future.

Let us know if we can help!