Links International partners with many churches throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Many of these churches are connected relationally through larger networks and, over the years, Links has developed a close partnership with the Pioneer network, the Ground Level Network and Arun Community Church.

Pioneer is a UK based ‘apostolic’ movement of churches founded in the mid-80s by Gerald Coates. From the outset, Pioneer has always been deeply creative and committed to the re-evangelisation of the United Kingdom and to see the Kingdom of God expressed in every sphere of society and culture.

We always look forward to being able to share in the Pioneer Conference and we are so grateful for the years of partnership we have had with this historic movement.

Ground Level Network is a movement of churches started by Stuart Bell, who is also the Senior Pastor of Alive Church located in Lincoln, and has spread out into eight locations. Ground Level's mission and vision is to create healthy churches across the network (much of which is situated in the North of England) developing great leaders and equipping God’s people.

We are incredibly grateful in Links for the close relationship and favour that the Ground Level Network has shown to us and always look forward to both the Leadership Conference and to the ONE Event.

Links Promo for The One Event 

Arun Community Church is a lively church in Littlehampton on the South Coast of England, with a strong history of seeing worship and mission impact the Church both nationally and internationally. Our CEO Joe Gisbey also serves here as Assistant Leader alongside the Senior Leader, Becca Jupp. Arun's mission is to love God, serve others and change lives. As a church they are passionate about seeing lives transformed through Jesus Christ, impacting communities and the world.

We are so grateful to Arun for the close partnership that we share.