2017 has already given us two opportunities to travel to Nicaragua. Most of our work there is in partnership with The Hope Project where we are supporting some of their initiatives and supplementing their great work with our Micro-Enterprise Development and business training initiatives.

Jason Bollinger writes:

In addition to ongoing MED training, later in the year we are planning a Community Healthcare team to start training leaders in several communities to equip them to be able to live with a greater quality of life as they receive instruction in water safety, sanitization and health.

This partnership is building momentum as we have been able to 'link' people and partners together to multiply the impact of a really strong organization. 

As we continue to work and move forward, we are having conversations with several other partners in the country about similar projects. Our vision for Nicaragua is big, and we are delighted with how faithfulness in small areas is opening the doors for bigger projects that have the potential to change lives and transform communities for many more people in years to come.

If you would like to know more about the work in Nicaragua or go on a trip, please let us know. We’d love to help you 'link' up with this incredible work. For more information on Nicaragua, you can email the USA Office HERE.

To find out more about Links USA, please check out their website HERE