What a year 2020 has been. It is a year that has seen significant change and uncertainty for all of us. However, we have also seen God working and doing some incredible things throughout this time and, more than ever, we have felt His hand in all that we have done. 

Here at Links we set up our COVID-19 Appeal in April and, thanks to your amazing generosity, have been able to provide vital support to all our partners during this COVID crisis. Your donations have enabled our partners to provide emergency relief including food packages and hygiene resources. As well as this, it has allowed our partners to lead healthcare training and individuals to be able to build their micro-enterprise businesses back up. 

This Christmas, can you give £20 so we can keep supporting small business owners like Fainess? 

A core focus for Links is Micro-Enterprise Development training. We believe that training up individuals to learn skills and build up businesses of their own, helping them bring in a steady income for themselves and their families, is one of the keys to overcoming poverty and creating potential. 

One such business owner is Fainess. Through the MED scheme provided by our partners, Shiloh Hands of Hope Foundation, she has been able to run a successful baby wear business for over 5 years. With the revenue from the business, she is able to support herself as well as 10 orphans and vulnerable children with school fees. She has also helped to provide the medical care for neglected children in her community. 

We are passionate about providing long-term, sustainable solutions and believe that micro-enterprise will be a key way communities and individuals can rebuild their lives as we continue to journey away from the immediate impact of COVID-19 in to a new future. 

As we're sure you can appreciate, none of what we do could happen without our small UK team. They provide the roots that enable us to branch out into so many countries around the world, with each team member playing a vital role in their own area. It is the foundation from which we go further, working with our partners to bring God's love to as many as possible and provide life changing support to people like Fainess. Unfortunately because of COVID-19, funding this part of Links has become even more challenging as much of the fundraising that would have taken place to meet these costs has has had to be cancelled. 

Your ongoing support is vital to Links as it allows our roots to remain strong and our branches to produce fruit. We believe God wants us to go further in 2021. So this Christmas we're asking you to pray for us and, if you can, to give to us, so that together we can make sure we can branch out to more countries, work with more partners and support more people to overcome poverty and create new potential in their lives.

1. For our team and our office - that our roots will remain strong.
2. That 2021 will be a year of going further and impacting more lives around the world.
3. That God will continue to be at the centre and that He will do amazing things through us, our partners and our volunteers.