Natural disasters are not unusual to Southern Africa nations. Cyclones, droughts and floods occur in natural cycles. However, when climate change, inequality and injustice compound disaster upon disaster it often leaves very little opportunity for the most vulnerable people to recover and sustain a living.

2019 saw the biggest cyclone in decades rip through Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe; four of which are amongst the poorest 25 nations in the world. Cyclone Idai killed over a thousand people and directly impacted over three million people through floods and high winds.

2019 saw the severest drought in a century putting millions on the brink of hunger. Zimbabwean farmers have seen yields fall by half in some staple crops. Zambia after a decade a good stable hydroelectricity is experiencing severe blackouts.

2019 saw a hunger crisis grow in Malawi. The fallout of losing an entire year's crop through flooding and prolonged community displacement has created a ticking time bomb for reliable food supplies.

It is vital to maintain ongoing follow-ups of any emergency relief given out by organisations, as even one natural disaster can have years of negative impact on the poorest and most vulnerable.

In December 2019,  our Links' Africa Region Coordinator visited some of the most vulnerable communities in Malawi with one of our partners, FESODEV. He saw how emergency relief funds raised through Links' supporters, had helped alleviate some of the suffering caused by Cyclone Idai.

"Through our partners, like FESODEV, giving out food packages, seeds and water filters to vulnerable families it was evident that some hunger has been reduced and health improved for those who desperately needed it and will continue to need it as this hunger crisis grows" Sam Walker, African Region Coordinator

This hunger crisis is only growing as other Links' partners are seeing the compounding impact of 2019's natural disasters and have requested to Links for emergency funding.

 Emergency funding and relief requests from Links' partners for vulnerable households include:

-          Food packages to meet the immediate hunger needs,

-          Crop seeds and cuttings to combat the ongoing hunger needs,

-          Water filters to curb the rise of water borne diseases,

-          Weatherproofing for roofs to protect families' livelihoods.


Please help us raise support for this growing Hunger Crisis in Southern Africa. Thank you so much!