The number of people killed by Cyclone Idai has reached over 700 and there are now wide spread fears that millions could be affected. Large parts of Mozambique have been engulfed by water and heavy rains have caused multiple landslides and flash floods in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

It is estimated that over 400,000 people have been left homeless. Please join us in prayer that the international community will respond to this humanitarian crisis, that emergency aid and relief will get to the places where it is most needed and that further preparations are made as best as possible and that the cyclone would weaken, particularly in the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Please give, so we can help our partners in these nations reach out with God's love and support. Our brothers and sisters need us to respond. If you would like to donate, we will make sure all donations get to our partners on the ground to be distributed to those affected. Thank you for your support!